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4th Labor Day- No school​

14th County Rifle 1​

23rd Braden River Invitational Raider Meet​

26th School Board Color Guard 1​

29th-30th County Campout​



5th County Rifle 2​

6th JCLC IPR #2​

7th County Raider Challenge​

13th Record Day- No school for students​

19th County Rifle 3​

24th School Board Color Guard 2​

28th A5 Raider Challenge​



1-20th JLAB Level 1 (Required)​

2-5th Raider Nationals​

10th Veterans Day Observed- No school​

10th Anna Maria Island Veterans Day Parade​

11th Manatee County Veterans Day Parade​

16th County Rifle 4​

17-19th GA National Raider Meet​

20-24th Thanksgiving Break​

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